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Temperature Detecting Face Recognition Solution

The condition since the COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the body temperature detection has become the main means of screening suspected cases. Handheld temperature detection devices have many disadvantages, such as the high labor cost, close distance needed, slow speed, and no record to be found (Personnel records are particularly important for the screening, especially for the secondary screening. For example, relevant personnel records at the entry and exit are very important since entering the second stage of infection.).

A temperature measurement and face recognition machine = temperature measurement + attendance machine + entrance guard security + visitor registration, and it has many advantages such as no contact, fast temperature measurement, high accuracy, labor saving, anti cross, strong adaptability, multi attendance, face recording, and so on.

Temperature Detecting Face RecognitionFace Recognition Thermometer

Why choose Sanan`s Temperature Detecting Face Recognition Solution?

Face Mask Recognition & Fast Record

It can quickly do the face recognition, temperature control, and strict control of outsiders. No need to take off the mask, the personnel can pass quickly with no feelings, so as to avoid the virus infection;

Non-contact Medical Precision Temperature Measurement and Labor Saving

Non contact temperature measurement can save manpower and reduce human contact. The temperature measurement range is 30 ~ 45 ° C, and the temperature measurement accuracy is ± 0.3 ° C;

Fast Temperature Measurement

Many people can be measured the body temperature Quickly. During the peak period of travel, there are many people in and out, the manual temperature measurement speed is slow, and it is easy to gather. It can be installed at the entrance of passage, entrance guard entrance and entrance of personnel to check the passage quickly;

Queue temperature measurementFace recognition scence

The Infection Can be Traced Back

The face record is automatically saved, which can be used for personnel`s second screening and inspection. The personnel record can be traced and used to find the person again;

Face recognition thermometer data

Body Temperature Measurement, Attendance Report Statistics, Strict Control of the Abnormal Body Temperature

All personnel will pass through the temperature measurement channel, but only those with the normal temperature can pass through. This Color Face Recognition Camera with the Temperature Detection Function can not only improve the temperature measurement efficiency, but also reduce the crowd gathering risk during the peak period. The automatic recording of the traffic information, real-time statistics of the personnel temperature measurement information, can assist the control personnel with the data statistics. In Addition, the solution provides a standard data interface by which the data can be shared with the National Epidemic Prevention And Control Departments.

Real Time Temperature Measurement, Data Reporting

Before passing the corridor or other checking spots, the personnel can self-help complete the face attendance and temperature detection, and the pass data and body temperature results will be automatically uploaded to the background. The control personnel can view the personnel access data and temperature detection results the whole day, master the on-site personnel access condition, and timely follow up the condition of the personnel with abnormal body temperature.

Application occasions

Passage Corridor

Passage corrider temperature Detection

Passage Axit

Face recognition and temperature detection

Personnel Aisle

School body temperature screening face recognition
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