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Face recognition technology must recognize what is the disadvantage?


In recent years, artificial intelligence is showing its energy, bringing tangible promotion and change to all walks of life, especially the most representative of face recognition technology. At the AMB meeting that ended at the end of October last year, "Face Dynamic Recognition", "1: N Static Large Library Face Search System", "Face Verification Gate", "Human ID One Machine" and other product technologies Filled in every corner of this year's AMB, no matter which pavilion, which company, face recognition and dynamic capture technology products and rich application cases have become "standard".

Domestic face recognition landing application leads the world

In fact, not only in the exhibition hall, in the past two years, with the continuous improvement of the accuracy of the algorithm and the increasing safety performance, the domestic face recognition technology has gradually "flowered" in various fields such as public safety, finance, education, and medical care. It shows a relatively good application prospect.

Especially in the field of public security, it involves graphic investigation and big data analysis in public security business, and identification and arrest of criminal suspects by means of face recognition; in traffic field, based on the identification of traffic participants, capturing traffic violations; The use of face recognition technology in commercial buildings enables real-time monitoring of entrances and exits, and the like.

According to relevant statistics, the domestic public security field is the most important scene for face recognition applications, and its market share accounts for about 30%.

At the same time, face recognition technology is deeply integrated with industry applications, and has also achieved a large-scale application in the field of financial payment and logistics. Take offline payment as an example. Last year, Alipay launched its first face-lifting payment machine product, “蜻蜓”, which has already landed in more than 300 cities across the country. At the same time, Alipay invested 3 billion yuan to encourage merchants to use face-to-face payment.

In the field of logistics, since March of this year, all the rookie station smart cabinets with cameras in the rookie network have opened the function of brushing the face and brushing the face.

It can be said that the domestic "brushing era" has arrived, from identity review to offline payment, from taking the subway to taking the express delivery, adopting the pension, "brushing face" is becoming smooth all the way. At the same time, China's face recognition technology is leading the world. In the latest global face recognition algorithm test results published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the three Chinese teams of Etu Technology, Shangtang Technology, and Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences occupied the top five.

Europe and the United States are limited by privacy protection, applications can not keep up

The United States was the first country to develop face recognition applications. Earlier, the US Customs and Border Protection Agency had partnered with airports and airlines to deploy face recognition solutions using biometric cameras. One of the functions of the system is to help identify visa-overdue personnel who are illegally stranded in the United States. At present, the introduction of this biometric system has helped identify 7,000 visa overdue personnel.

However, with the domestic face recognition technology striding forward, in some countries in Europe and the United States, the face recognition technology application scenario has developed relatively slowly, mainly because the identity information leakage under the concept of "heavy privacy" has delayed the development.

Especially for face recognition whether it should be used for law enforcement, the United States is in the stage of legislative disputes, and some local governments have shown a tendency to be cautious and exclusive to face recognition technology. Recently, San Francisco will become the first city in the United States to ban face recognition.

Last year, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) organized more than 30 civil rights organizations to jointly oppose Amazon's marketing of face recognition products to the government and police departments, and held a series of protests against the US government's use of face recognition technology.

This situation is even more serious in Europe. Currently, the General Data Protection Regulations in Europe stipulate that biological information, including portraits, is owned by the person and requires consent for its use.

What is profit, what are the disadvantages?

From the perspective of the rapid development of domestic face recognition, the advancement of face recognition technology has brought about faster technological innovation and application, bringing more economic income and facilitating people's lives.

However, we should also note whether there is a risk of revealing privacy in face recognition. Domestic scholars have said that passwords can be replaced, but faces cannot be replaced. Once the face database is hacked, the face recognition system may bring More serious security issues.

Compared with European and American countries, domestic information security protection based on face recognition is still relatively backward. People's privacy protection is not enough. It requires the state and related enterprises to raise information security protection to a higher level. In addition, under the premise of full security, the advantages of face recognition and the application in various fields are also indispensable.

However, as consumers, we should have the right to know, and at the same time recognize the development of new technologies, what is profit, what are the disadvantages?

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