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Video surveillance network solution for a certain force


Chapter 1 Overview

In the face of the opportunities and challenges of the world's military transformation, only by constantly surpassing ourselves can we achieve the leap-forward development of the combat effectiveness of the troops. As a national weapon and a guardian of the people, the military shoulders extremely important responsibilities. Whether the military construction is stable or not is related to the security and stability of the country, the development of the national economy, and the people's livelihood. The force system department is numerous, the location is scattered, and the environment is complex, which has become a major obstacle to daily maintenance work. Due to the large area, the difficulty of management, and the large number of departments involved, it brings great problems to managers. It also proposes how to manage the following situations with a minimum of personnel.

To build a practical force monitoring system, it must meet the requirements of centralized monitoring and remote control; meet the system capacity; complete preventive functions; simple transmission mode; stable system operation; simple operation and maintenance; high performance and price requirements. Therefore, in the construction of the force monitoring system, it is necessary to meet the basic functions of the system, build a system platform, and make the system fully redundant, so that the system functions are gradually enhanced.

According to the specific environment of the military camp, the modern management requirements were put forward. In order to implement the management measures combining civil air defense and technical defense, a perfect scientific monitoring plan was conceived. Guangzhou Caoyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. ()

Chapter II Specific Requirements for the Establishment of the Force Security Monitoring System

According to the specific environment of the military camp, the leaders of the army put forward several requirements for the construction of the safety monitoring system:

1) The system establishes a monitoring center in the office building, monitors it with a video wall, and implements a digital video recording function using a hard disk recorder;

2) It is required to set up a sub-control point at the gate of the camp and the office of the army leader;

3) Install a full range of controllable cameras throughout the main roads in the military camp for 24-hour monitoring of vehicles and people flowing; for example: illegal parking, speeding, braking, etc.

4) Install fixed cameras on the crossings of the military camps to monitor the vehicles passing by. This is an important place for high traffic accidents, and there are many unsafe factors;

5) Establish a full range of cameras and environmental monitoring systems in key areas such as oil depots, substations, military arsenals, armouries, and gas stations in the military camps, and closely monitor them;

6) Strongly monitor the office environment of the troops.

Chapter III Design Guidance Thoughts and Design Basis and Principles

First, the guiding ideology of system design

Based on the specific environment of the force, we design according to the specifications.

1. Establishing a hard disk recording system, the embedded hard disk recorder is a new product in the monitoring and alarm industry. It combines digital video image recording with multi-picture image display function and monitoring alarm function, which is flexible and convenient.

2, the use of optical cable combined with coaxial transmission, because the military camp area environment is complex, the road is very long, the monitoring point is dispersed and the distance from the monitoring center is far.

3, system design static monitoring and dynamic monitoring combined. The monitoring mode of the design monitoring system is monitored by the TV wall.

4. The designed system must have remote monitoring function, so that the force monitoring system can be integrated with the camping area far away from the frontier through the internal military network.

5. The designed system is easy to expand, so that the unit's common cable monitoring system has sufficient redundancy.

Second, the principle of system design

1) The principle of openness

The designed fieldbus architecture is an open system that enables more interconnection and interoperability with future devices and can be easily integrated into urban information networks.

2) Advanced

The force monitoring system should use advanced technology products and equipment as much as possible, and only advanced technology equipment can ensure the advanced nature of the system. The common cable monitoring system has this advanced nature.

3) The reliability of the reliability system is the first. In the design of the scheme, the safety of the system must be fully considered. Safety management measures should be taken according to the national safety standards to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the monitoring system.

4) The economics of the economic system is an important factor, so that the system has a good performance-price ratio is an important principle in the design of the common cable monitoring system.

5) Scalability:
When the system needs to be expanded, the number of front-end devices will be flexibly increased, and the operation mode of the system will not be changed to ensure the security of the user's investment.

6) Practicality:

Using high-tech means, intelligent design, minimize the complexity of system operation, and make the system work stable and reliable, easy to maintain; software-friendly interface, fully intelligent control.

Third, the basis of system design and related specifications

According to the requirements of the construction of the force monitoring system and relevant national regulations, we have carefully studied and analyzed the design of a safety production monitoring system. The system has the characteristics of stable performance, reliable quality, economical and practical. The system has convenient extension and seamless connection with digital electronic information system, which lays a foundation for realizing the management of high-tech visual security system.

Chapter IV Overall Design Plan

First, the monitoring system design ideas

1) The design of the force monitoring system is simple, the cable usage is small, and the common cable transmission is realized.

2) The construction is difficult, ensuring less damage to the construction of the troops.

3) The system runs stably and the system maintenance is simple.

4) The system has a high cost performance, and the established system does not fall behind in 5 years.

5) The system has network monitoring function, with automatic recording function, with automatic storage and real-time playback function

Second, the system specific design method

According to the needs analysis of the troops, the system design monitoring points. It is divided into an outdoor part of the common cable monitoring point and an indoor part of the common cable monitoring point.

1. Troops in the army: The troops are densely populated, and the soldiers are mostly young people. It is inevitable that the soldiers will gather together to discuss some issues, but it is impossible to solve the problem of supervision and management of the soldiers fundamentally by simply sending more people or communicating on duty. ;

2. Management of important departments: The administrative departments, archives, confidential rooms, communication rooms, conference halls, and war rooms of the military all have state secret documents, which require strict supervision. Civil air defense is definitely not enough. It is necessary to set up corresponding technical defenses. The combination of civil air defense and technical defense can achieve strict supervision;

3. Armory management: The armory is the core of military management. Whether a country's social order is stable depends mainly on the management of ammunition and firearms. There are loopholes in the management of the armory storehouse, and the consequences are unimaginable;

4. The surrounding areas of the barracks, the training grounds, and the movements of the troops' entrances and exits are relatively large. It is very important to register and inspect the personnel, and to record the vehicles. It is important to keep the records for 24 hours, strictly control, and record everything. The work of the troops creates a good working environment, and it is not enough to rely solely on the soldiers to be on duty.

5. Through the image data of the suspects in the central monitoring room, the automatic portrait comparison search system will search and search in the portrait photo information base of each monitoring point, and find out the scope of the criminal suspect's activity, the trajectory of action and the law of committing crimes; Photographs of high-risk groups such as criminal suspects are entered into the database, and a high-risk population intelligence database with a capacity of up to 50,000 people can be updated at any time. Once high-risk personnel enter the monitoring point range, the system will automatically recognize and automatically capture the front image and video. And alarm.

6. Garage management: The vehicle management of the troops is particularly important. It is often the case that the vehicle is not authorized without the approval of the leader. The full-defense camera is installed in the entrance and exit of the garage, and it is fully monitored.

7, the system transmission line design common cable transmission method, the wiring method is to take the bus structure wiring. According to the size of the system, the distance of transmission distance, the distribution of monitoring points and different geographical environments, it can be divided into long-distance field wiring and close-range outdoor wiring.

1) For the specific environment of the troops and his needs analysis, we adopt a common cable transmission method for the monitoring system by using a fiber optic cable to transmit the monitored video signal and the control signal for the camera action in both directions.

2) It is best to install monitoring points for each cable of the common cable monitoring system;

3) The troops designed monitoring points in roads, perimeters, drills, oil depots, armouries, garages and office buildings. The monitoring points are scattered. Therefore, the system designs the partition wiring, and lays cables from different directions to the square control center for signal transmission.

4) The troops set up monitoring points at major intersections, perimeters, drills (or market), oil depots, armory, military reserve, and garages to monitor the main intersections;

5) Set up monitoring points in the military office building (or command center), mainly monitoring the corridors and financial rooms in the office building and the important places such as the secret room;

6) The military camp area has a large range and many roads, so the design of the main line uses a four-core single-mode optical cable.

7) The monitoring points on each coaxial cable are combined with the nearest digital video optical transceiver and transmitted to the main control center via the optical cable.

8) The unit's common cable monitoring system can design a lot of sub-control points, and the main control center in the gate guard building and the military leadership office uses the hard disk computer for surveillance video recording;

9) The department leading the army and the gate guard building design sub-control point, and the sub-control point design network sub-control method.

Chapter 5, System Front End Design

The front-end equipment is an important part of the monitoring system. The front-end design method of the system is as follows:

According to the needs of the troops, the front end design controllable monitoring points for important places such as main roads, drill fields, oil depots, garages, armouries, barracks and perimeters. These monitoring points are equipped with pan/tilt and variable lens, as well as temperature and humidity. Sensors for air convection, noise, water leakage, dust and harmful gases

1. All necessary scopes of exercises and drills are monitored in all aspects, such as video surveillance in the market, strategy, and routine weapons monitoring.

2. Install a fixed camera on the office building of the unit, monitor and record the corridors of the finance room, the confidential room and the office building and save the recorded data.

3. The system design is a common cable transmission mode. Because the signals of each monitoring point are not point-to-point video signal transmission methods, the digital video optical transceivers are transmitted through the optical cable at some monitoring points of the relative collection, and the control signals are restored to achieve common cable transmission. effect.

Chapter VI patrol function

When the troops send patrols, the signing form of the traditional signature book is prone to the issue of fraudulent or supplementary signing. It is more time-consuming and laborious to check the check-in, and it is more difficult to analyze the dereliction of duty. With the emergence of non-contact IC cards, inductive patrols are divided into fixed patrol and mobile patrol. Fixed patrol:

1 Place a patrol stand at each patrol point and connect directly to the Control Manager computer via cable (in principle, the same as the access control). Each patrol point has a clock and stores more than 500 patrol records. When the whistle is sent, the sentinel will automatically record the sentry number, time, location and other information when the patrol patrol card (inductive IC card) is close to the patrol point reader. The Control Manager can keep track of the sentinel's whistle.

2 Composition:

The subsystem consists of a patrol card (IC card), a patrol point (card reader), a network expander, and a computer system.

System functions

Patrol whistle:

Inductive IC card readers (ie, patrol points) are installed at the detection points where the patrol line is set at a reasonable level. The IC card is used as the patrol whistle card. The control center arranges the patrol whistle shifts, time intervals, and route directions to effectively manage the sentinel patrol activities. , enhance security precautions.

The software sets the whistle time requirements, line requirements, and number of times requirements, and issues patrol points (location information), patrol whistle cards, (record sentry identity, number, and grant valid patrol activities).

Record information, query backup:

The sentinel with the patrol patrol will patrol according to the specified time and route requirements. The patrol patrol will be swayed in front of the patrol post to record the arrival date, time, location and related information of the sentry. If you do not patrol according to the normal procedure, the record is invalid. After checking and verifying, it will be regarded as negligence. The Control Management Center can query and organize backup related information at any time to effectively analyze the stolen and dereliction of duty.

data collection:

The sentinel records of the sentinels can be taken at any time or at regular intervals.


The computer sorts and archives the collected data, automatically generates classified records, reports, and prints. Managers can check the security personnel's patrols in real time and non-real time in the computer as needed.

Mobile whistle

System composition: The system consists of the patrol detection point (ie IC card), the patrol whistle (ie handheld IC card reader), patrol whistle

Software and other components.

1 function

Patrol whistle:

In the determination of the reasonable detection point of the patrol line, install the inductive IC card (ie, the patrol point), use the IC card reader as the patrol check-in card (ie, the patrol whistle), and arrange the patrol shifts, time intervals, and route directions by computer software. Effectively manage sentinel patrol activities and strengthen security precautions.

The software sets the whistle time requirements, line requirements, and number of times. Through the issuance of patrol whistle points, patrol whistle, record sentinel status,

Number and grant valid check-in activities for card reading.

Information Collection:

The sentinel with the patrol whistle patrols according to the specified time and line requirements, and the patrol whistle can be recorded in front of the patrol whistle to record the arrival date, time, location and related information of the sentry. If you do not patrol according to the normal procedure, the record is invalid. After checking and verifying, it will be regarded as negligence. When you return to the Control Center, you can connect to the computer to download all the data, organize and archive.


Collected data, the system can automatically generate classified records, reports, and print. Managers can check the security personnel's patrols on the computer at any time as needed, and analyze the loss of theft.

Chapter VII Environmental Monitoring System

Overall environmental monitoring of the warehouse

Sensors such as temperature, humidity, air convection, noise, water leakage, dust and harmful gases are placed in important positions such as the oil depot, military reserve, and armory to monitor the overall environment of the equipment room. Through flexible alarm thresholds and alarm mode settings, the system can provide an early warning of the overall environmental changes in the equipment room. At the same time, the overall environment of the equipment room can be adjusted in time by controlling the device to start/stop, for example, an air conditioner, a condenser, a fan, and the like.

Special environmental monitoring:

Special circumstances often do not reflect every local environment. For example, it is not enough to mount the thermostat on the wall. Because the temperature can vary greatly from device to device, if a temperature probe is placed in a single chassis or important device, problems such as fan stalls or air conditioning failures can quickly become apparent. Special environmental monitoring is necessary. Due to the strong scalability of the intelligent and secure network management system, monitoring the IT micro-environment monitoring of some important cabinets only needs to expand the corresponding sensors, which will not significantly increase the cost. Sensors such as temperature, humidity, air convection, and noise are placed in important cabinets to monitor the local environment of special environments in a timely manner. Through the scientific alarm threshold and alarm mode setting, the system can issue early warnings of local environmental changes in a timely manner. At the same time, the local environment can be adjusted and controlled in time by controlling the device to turn on/off, for example, an air conditioner, a fan, etc., and the device can be shut down to avoid an accident by controlling the device.
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